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it’s just really sad when 5sos work their asses off to put out good music for us, never take time off, and always try and please us, but many ‘fans’ give them shit in return, when will they realize this isn’t ok.. respect the boys they do so much for us 


I was looking through the replies to this tweet and most of them said “fuck me” or “why don’t you notice me” or some shit like that
This is why I hate twitter




this is going to fucking far guys. That girl is on 5SOS’s car. as much as I fucking hate to say it, but they’re just gonna add more security, probably never do little shows in the park because of people like this. if you know someone or you are one of these people that will do this just remember the consequences that will happen.

i can’t believe that this is fucking serious 

not only would this piss 5SOS off but it is fucking dangEROUS OKAY

NYC, 20/07/2014


when u hold the door open for someone and they dont say thank you



"I find it funny how all these girls are watching the World Cup but don’t know a single position other than goalie lol"

that’s funny because your girl told me you don’t know a single position other than missionary so sit the fuck down and shut your dipshit mouth

interviewer: who takes the longest to get ready
Michael: Luke!
Luke: ugh


if i was dating luke i’d lay in bed with him on rainy days with my laptop and read all his facebook posts from when he was 14 and watch him progressively get more mortified and ashamed





if luke is really only 5’11 im suing 

the way the lady measured luke is wrong I am pretty sure he is 6’4 not 5’11

he is 100% not 5’11” LOOK I am a maximum of 5’9” and he’s significantly taller than me THIS IS SCIENCEimage


make me choose:
↳ anon asked: calum in beanies or luke in snapbacks?